Staff Stuffs is a full service recruitment and selection firm that provides you with 360 degree recruitment assistance. We on-board talent and provide custom solutions to fit business needs. We give a very in-depth screening process to all potential candidates.

We are offering lateral hiring expertise by sourcing professionals with high intellect to help advance client’s business success as well as candidate’s career growth. We aim at serving clients with a specific emphasis on providing just in time customer service.

Our recruitment procedures and methods are designed to meet three principal objectives:
• Supply Quality Personnel within Agreed Time Frames
• Minimize time, cost and efforts of our customers
• Maximize the chances of getting best candidates for the role

Service Offerings

Virtual Recruitment

Staff Stuffs’ virtual recruitment practice helps you save time & money by providing an additional avenue for reaching interested candidates, and streamlining the enlistment process. We are here to make recruiting flexible with interviewing opportunities through videoconferencing, Skype, Google Hangout, or telephone. Small employers or entrepreneurs who don’t have a full recruiting staff to dedicate to finding candidates for key positions, we can help create a diverse applicant pool and recruit for them across a wide swath.

Talent Acquisition

We search for a wide range of top talents, screen, shortlist, conduct interviews, test and assess.
Staff Stuffs ensures the Right Talent in the Right Place at the Right Time. This includes assignment based recruitment of key talent for organizations across industry, domain and levels.

Turnkey Recruitment Projects

Specialized recruitment process that handles large volume requirements. It addresses the needs, particularly at junior and middle management levels. This service is best suited for Start ups, New Project Planning, Business Expansion, Expanding Team Size, or Geographical Expansion of Business.
Staff Stuffs saves the client’s time and costs by managing such big recruitment drives entirely on our end.

How You Benefit

• Alleviate Administrative Burden
• Save Money
• Minimize Hassles
• Reduce Paperwork

Outsourced HR Solutions

Employee Handbook Development

Creating and updating an employee handbook can be overwhelming and costly. With Staff Stuffs’ employee handbook development service you will save time, money and get peace of mind that your handbook is up-to-date with today’s ever changing employment policies. Your handbook is written and designed by leading employment law experts to help you stay compliant with state and federal policies. We strive to produce a document that is understood and consistently interpreted by all.

How You Benefit

• Introduce employees to your culture, mission and values
• Communicate to employees what is expected of them
• Educates employees about what they can expect from management and leadership
• Ensure key company policies are clearly and consistently communicated
• Showcase the benefits you offer
• Ensure compliance with federal and state laws
• Help defend against employee claims

Employee Surveys

Surveying your employees matters. Research by progressive survey providers shows that satisfied and engaged employees are more productive and customer focused. As a result, organizations where there are high levels of satisfaction and engagement are more likely to be financially successful.
Staff Stuffs’ employee surveys are customized to ensure complete fit to your organizational requirements. Employee surveys are designed to take a snapshot of your employees’ opinions, feedback and ideas at a particular time. They help you work out what’s holding people back, and show them what they need to do to achieve maximum impact.

The firm offers unique survey products include:
i) Employee Opinion Survey
ii) New Hire Feedback Survey

i) Employee Motivation Survey

The comprehensive Employee Motivation Survey provides a detailed analysis of your employees’ satisfaction level, engagement and attitude towards the organization.

How You Benefit

• Reduce turnover
• Improve productivity
• Identify organization-wide strengths
• Solicit ideas for corrective action
• Gather objective data from which management can make informed decisions
• Establish benchmark data to evaluate future improvements
• Solicit employees’ involvement in the process of change

Surveys can be either paper or pencil, Internet-based or a combination of these methods. Following the completion of the survey you will receive a written report including appropriate tables and graphs and a HR-focused assessment strategy. Reporting of results based upon demographic selections.

ii) New Hire Feedback Survey

The New Hire Feedback Survey is an employee opinion survey for new employees who have been with the organization between 30 and 90 days. This survey provides a detailed understanding of the new employees’ attitudes towards the hiring process, job goals and expectations, supervision, training and career opportunities.

How You Benefit

• Help employers refine their hiring process
• Evaluation of the on-boarding process on the basis of ideas shared by the new recruits.
• Establish benchmark data to evaluate future improvements
• Encourage new employees’ involvement in the process of change