The world of IT service industry is changing dramatically. You need strategic solutions and a strategic partner too who provides innovative solutions, well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise.  We help businesses align technical support and business strategy to deliver the right technology at the right time.  We have the ability to provide customized and individual service provided the expertise and performance you expect that you can’t get from a larger company.

Our Key Differentiators

• Breadth of Expertise in complex technologies, tools and processes
• Proven delivery methodology with consistent results
• Best level resources
• Agility
• An unbiased quality standard

Our IT Service Offerings

  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
  • Data Visualization/Dashboards and Reporting
  • Insights and Data Modeling
  • KPI and Metric Tracking
Advanced Analytics/ Power BI

Staff Stuffs’ BI service uses popular Data Visualization Tool- Microsoft Power BI to deliver user-friendly reports and intuitive intelligence from complex organizational data.

What is Power BI?

Investing in business intelligence solutions like Power BI can be a game-changer for your business. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that synthesizes your most critical business data. Power BI Desktop allows you to create rich interactive reports in minutes, and the live dashboard gives you a real-time look at the health of your business.

We integrate advanced analytics for big data with power BI systems to get precise data output. Whatever may be the size or type of data, we will help you to manage any data, any size, and available anywhere.

Benefits of Power BI

 Boost productivity, cost-efficiency and revenue
 Better decision making
 Standardize KPIs and create accountability
 Enhanced data manageability
 Improved partner/customer relations and retention
 Better insight into business metrics
 Curate custom content instantly
 Gain complete insight into your company
 Synchronizing financial and operational strategy
 Monitor trends and discover anomalies
 Forecast business opportunities

QA And Testing Services

Staff Stuffs is an independent provider of QA and testing services providing an unbiased quality assessment. We have a wide range of devices, tools and equipments that eliminate expense on test configuration and make a product meet the market requirements and end user’s expectations. We meet critical software testing life cycle (STLC) needs with changing business demands. We perform a wide range of testing services that include but are not limited to:

 Functional Testing
 Regression Testing
 Usability Testing
 User Interface Testing
 Cross Browser Testing
 System Integrated Testing
 User Acceptance Testing
 System Interface Testing
 Configuration Testing
 Installation Testing
 Cloud Testing
 Automation Testing
 Test Documentation
 Test Management
 Test Planning