6 Biggest Mistakes by Hiring Startups

1. Inadequate job descriptions

Many times job descriptions are vague, providing inadequate set of expectations, and differ from the job role. Without a precise job description it is difficult to find the right candidate for the required position and a recruiter would be just wasting time on sorting the unfit applicants against inadequate job description. An accurate job description plays very vital role in candidate selection.

2. Slow recruitment process

Once the decision is made to hire a candidate many clients do not respond quickly during the recruitment process. Constant delays and postponed decisions make candidates drop out. A genuine consultancy handles the whole recruitment process efficiently ensuring the things happen in timely manner.

3. Low paid offers

Today’s job seekers are smarter than ever before because they have become so informative with technological advances. Good candidates know their real worth in the market so low paid offers are no more going to attract the right talent you are looking for. So the salary parameters must be decided as per the current market rates for the required position.

4. Ignoring actual potential of candidate

Many times hiring managers focus only on skills and past experiences which are mentioned on the resume of a candidate rather than the actual potential. It is inevitable to focus on the specific skill set in case of short term or contract assignment but it is not applicable for long term engagements wherein organizations need to hire the best talent based on the capabilities, attitude and potential required for the role. Long term engagements also include training. So just by judging candidates on the basis of resume hiring authority should prefer either telephonic or F2F interview with the candidate who has no exact but similar set of skills and experiences.

5. Improper Engagements

Hiring authority must take into consideration the candidates’ objectives too. Many organizations list the role with number of different agencies and request the resumes within very short span of time. This leads to low engagement from candidates as well as recruiters. This also creates duplication of candidates and result in dim service from recruiters or consultants.

6. Delayed or no communication

Timely communication is the bottom-line of effective recruitment process. Communication from both sides is hence important to produce good results. Hiring organizations should provide updates promptly to recruitment agency. It’s just a feedback about the candidates and their suitability for the roles that organizations are looking to recruit. Organizations that provide detailed feedback show a transparency in their recruitment process. It also shows their ethical values that they genuinely care about all those who showed interest in their company and invested their valuable time during the recruitment process.

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