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Power BI- What Is It?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence as well as Data Visualization tool that converts data from different sources to BI reports and user interactive dashboards.

Types of Power BI services

– Cloud-based BI services, knows as Power BI Services based on Saas.
– Desktop-based interface, known as Power BI Desktop.
– For mobile devices Power BI Apps are available for different platforms.
– Power BI Embedded mainly used for building dashboards and reports into the custom applications that serves Power BI users as well as non-Power BI users.
– Power BI Report Server used for managing and storing Power BI reports.

How Power BI can help your business

Analytical process is easier and more flexible

Power BI overcomes drawbacks of traditional ways of building reports. The traditional way requires putting a request to IT team to build a report but most of the times IT team was busy in their projects, then we needed to find someone with decent Excel skills.
Power BI is suite of tools that allows non-technical person to perform the analytics which are previously reserved for technical person. Using Power BI, any analyst can connect to any data source and summarize required findings into a simple report, no programming is required. So it makes process much easier.

Cost and Time effective

Power BI has a data shaping capability known as, Power Query by using it:-
 You can eliminate manual steps used to load data to excel.
 It allows you to automate refreshing connections in excel and Power BI to external data source.
 You can do many operations like filter, sort, modifying format and layout of data before loading to excel.

So it saves lots of time and manpower too.

Sharing is very simple

Power BI allows users to embed live project reports in any webpage so it is easy to share reports.

Available wherever and whenever

Currently in this world businesses need to see their information anytime and anywhere whenever they wish too.
Power BI’s mobile app will help in such scenario. It has vibrant graphics which is very useful and pretty.

Data Integration

As our data is not placed in one place, In order to track health of our business we need to integrate all data. Here Power BI comes in the picture.

Many attractive visualization options

Power BI out of the box comes with lots of options to customize visualizations.


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