Reveal the secrets of getting ahead of others at work

Are you working? Then you might be struggling to get ahead of others at work. But you might be wondering “How”?
Here is the solution: It is well said that “Old ways won’t open new doors”. It’s not about what work you do but how you do it that matters. It’s about how much value you are putting to it. The concept of Job Excellence and Job Satisfaction are all myths after a few earlier years of your work life. But the real marathon starts after you’ve crossed a certain threshold. What work you’ve done so far has little bearing on your future career success. There are too many other employees who’ll do the job, better than you but what makes you different from them is something that matters a lot. To achieve this just try these simple ways:

Smile & Greet

Smile is very simple & good expression so use it more often. When we smile it does mean we are happy to see someone or something. Whenever you notice your boss; don’t ever forget to throw a smile & greet them with the expressions like Hi, Hello or good morning etc. This really makes a difference & definitely your boss gets pleased.

Be Friendly

Many times it is possible that people will favor those with whom they are most friendly & this is quite natural; even we do the same, don’t we? We must accept this fact that your boss is also a human being. Without a friendly relationship, they may not consider nominating you to other positions, promotions or raises regardless of your performance. Be proactive in situations when you encounter your boss.

Communicate Smartly

Communication is universal therefore communication skills are listed as a top qualification. Be very attentive to the way you communicate at work. Avoid any kind of slip of the tongue incidents. Your communication must be professional at work and it should be concise but it should also always be friendly. Before you even open your mouth, or put finger to keyboard, ensure you know what it is you wish to say; and express it in an appropriate manner. Your communication will either make or break your career so always mind your words, tones and body language while communicating at work. You should not sound harsh when talking to your superior and co-workers.

Speak up & Show up

Being unable to speak up at work can have long-lasting negative consequences. It can let you almost invisible at the time of promotions, appraisals and raises which highly depend on visibility. If you think your work will speak for you then you are absolutely wrong. You speak for your work and accomplishments; tell your boss how they impact the team, and the company. If you don’t; you will soon become irrelevant in your superior’s eyes. So don’t be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts; show what you know. But be careful not to say too much that you become prone to criticism. You must balance between ‘when to speak-up’ and ‘when not to speak –up’. All you need to do is maintain consistency of these two. Showing up is not just to be present or to appear it also means supporting others in your community. It reveals you and your hidden leadership skills which are totally unknown to your boss & your co-workers.
Also sweat over your projects when you don’t feel to do so; can help you show up at work. So make it a point to show up to make your superior understand; you are present, engaged, energized, and enthusiastic.


Socialization is not everyone’s cup of tea I agree! If you don’t socialize you’re not going to lose your job but it’s beneficial to have good relationships at work, because we spend most of our time there. Making a little effort on occasion could help you get to know people & build relationships, and you will no more appear as rude or irrelevant. You can say yes to such occasions sometimes & not all the time. You can create your own circle with whom you are comfortable. If your office is the type to socialize on a very regular basis these little efforts might give you the edge to get ahead and make a solid impression.
Don’t ever hesitate to take initiative for organizing different events and team parties at office. You can organize monthly get-togethers, small festival parties or different days like Boss day and many more activities you could think of. So your boss will view you as an active member who always tries to maintain stress free and healthy environment which can foster team-spirit. This could be your greatest contribution towards your organization which will definitely distinguish you from the crowd.
Those who are worried about making big efforts can try these; ordering the team lunch accurately when your team is working on holiday, decorating your workspace on Christmas, attending the performances of others, purchasing the goods at office flea etc. try to remember everyone’s name in your team, interact with your co-workers during lunch breaks, tea breaks and don’t forget to deliver a quick word of thanks wherever necessary. All your casual chats with your co-workers will lead to good relationship building if you have them constructively.

Be a Good Listener & Observer

Listen more than you talk. People who listen save time and seem smarter and more understanding. These qualities can help us get better jobs. While listening to your boss, make an eye contact so he/she will know that you care about what they are saying this shows maturity and respect to the speaker. People who listen more are more observant & they listen to what the other person doesn’t say just by watching a person’s gestures, tone of voice, body posture, and facial expressions. If your superior is in a difficult situation you can understand that by observing his/her body language so you can ask questions to help them. Listening helps to establish positive working relationships with bosses, clients, and colleagues as well as it helps with resolving issues at work.


KYB simply stands for ‘know your boss’, as you get to know your superior, you’ll get an understanding for the sort of work they like and the type of things they don’t. By picking up on this you can tailor your work to their preferences. Thus you’ll be familiar with their line of work and can make tactful suggestions as & when they need it. Don’t ever forget to evaluate your boss’s weaknesses because those can become your strengths. If your boss is weak at finance concepts and you are expert in that then ask him/her to let you handle those financial reports for them. Be your boss’s number one supporter so that you’ll become an indispensible individual and asset to their work life.
It’s beneficial to getting to know your superior on a personal level for your career’s success. Everyone appreciates a person who shows concern; it’s a natural human tendency. If your superior has mentioned an important date of his child’s birthday or annual gathering day or spouse’s health check up visit; then taking an interest in this shows that you’re interested in their welfare. If you know your boss loves football let him/her know whether there are any up comings or how he/she did during the last season of football this shows you value your superior’s personal interests. Do not hesitate to be personal with your boss as long as you are sure about the limits. Don’t ever try to share your own personal matters with them. You can smartly limit the level of personal interaction as per your superiors’ nature to maintain your professional standard.

Take Notes

By keeping good notes, you can always go back and remember the details this makes you more efficient and effective in your job. At the time of appraisal you might have had your boss asking you “what have you done in the last year?” If you don’t have good notes, how can you possibly remember? If your boss finds you unable to explain the work you have done so far he/she will get away with granting you average rating and outright disrespect. Build a habit to record what you do because every detail counts and thus bosses will respect your thoroughness. Writing down the instructions given by your boss about the work at every meeting ensures you have captured their points correctly. Follow up the conversation with an email or a note at your next check-in and tell them what you plan to do differently. Also note down the positive feedback given by the boss about your work.


Sometimes we don’t admire our boss for those things which are truly praiseworthy just because he/she is our superior. Share some of the praise for the project’s successes by indicating your superior as a champion of the project. Try to spread some praise about them among your teammates. Such small efforts will definitely benefit you. Don’t flatter them but at least give them a deserving approval for their support, advice and help during the project. We should not forget the fact that bosses also needs some motivation. So keep their spirits burning and they will take care of you.

What are some of the things you’re doing to getting ahead of others at work? Let us know in the comments section below.

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